Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition
Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, 28 June - 28 July, 2018
Ayşe Nilden Aksoy, Atilla Galip Pınar, Batuhan Keskiner,Berkay Yaşar, Berna Dolmacı, Gül Akpınar, Gülçin Karaca, Hasan Mert Öz, HaticeArtüz, Kaan Fıçıcı, Levent Yıldız, Meltem Begiç, Mert Acar, Merve Vural, NurPınar Özen, Oğulcan Sürmeli, Seher Uysal, Zeynep Kaynar

The 2018 Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition showcases works by 18 finalists, across a variety of media – including painting, sculpture, installation, video and performance. Together, this juried selection highlights the breadth of techniques and intellectual agendas playing out in Turkey’s emerging art scene.

The featured positions investigate a host of contemporary concerns. Reflections on how new technologies are redefining everyday life, affecting the way we learn, what we know, and how we feel, appear prominently. Additionally, timely meditations on the fate of place, and landscape, in a culture saturated with representation abound. Cutting across both of these tendencies, and registering more perennial concerns, explorations of language and sense making are present. So, too, engagements with the power of suggestion, and influence.

Celebrating new talents, and offering them a platform, the Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition looks towards the future of art, today.