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5 Up-And-Coming Curators to Watch in 2017

It has never been easier for artists to show their work to the general public. And while there is a great deal of good art to be found, there's also a lot of bad. That's why, now more than ever, the role of the curator is so necessary in filtering out the noise and emphasising exemplary works and ideas. As we get ready to bid 2016 farewell, it's the perfect time to focus on the fresh talents getting everyone excited for the new year. Here, we highlight five interesting up-and-coming curators to get excited about in 2017.
The 20 Most Influential Young Curators in Europe

The canons of art history are fluid and changing. And it’s the role of curators to come in, make sense of it all, and present a picture of where art will head next. They act as stewards, activate ideas, draw connections, bring attention to lesser-known artists and overlooked regions, and highlight topics that warrant deeper conversation. And as political and social mores continue to shift, acting as a dedicated arts connoisseur is only part of the job description. For many curators, their posts come with the responsibility of mediating between three active players: artists, institutions, and the public.
100 Leading Global Thinkers 2014

Each year Foreign Policy identifies the top 100 Leading Global Thinkers - and though there are 100 slots, it's worth noting that, in some cases, there's more than one person to an entry. That is to say, sometimes big thinking requires a team, rather than just one individual; in other cases, we have paired people who might be strangers, but who share a common mission that we've identified as a notable trend. Thus, a total of 131 people populate this year's list
Up and Coming: 10 Young Curators Taking on the Art World

The way art is positioned and presented is becoming an increasing obsession in the art world. The rise of super curators and curatorial styles are under strong focus as never before. Expect big things from these ten emerging curators, who each reflect their own strong voices and approach to ideas, objects, and images.
15 Curators to Watch in 2015

Curators are stealing the spotlight in the art world—mostly, for a good reason. This year brings an international showcase from a growing cohort of curators who, from Miami to Tel Aviv, have organized exhibitions we can look forward to—including public art and analogue photography.

Ask a curator how they feel about curating and you might get mundane answers about the day-to-day tediums of mothering artists and battles with the internet, but the big picture is ever more exciting. The following curators (or curatorial duos) shared with us thoughts on their craft, demonstrating their passion and vision for what they do. Without further ado, here is the latest crop of curator stars of this year.