Constant Dullaart: Jennifer in Paradise
Import Projects, Berlin, 8 September - 23 October, 2013
Jennifer in Paradise is a multiplatform solo exhibition by the Dutch artist Constant Dullaart. Taking place across physical and online environments, its material venues include Import Projects and Future Gallery, Berlin.

Constant Dullaart’s work explores modes of access, visibility and (mis)representation associated with the global spread of information technology. The exhibition title references the first ever photoshopped image.* Along with theme parks and Special Economic Zones, it is a catalyst for his meditations upon the act of translating between human and machine, image and code, part and whole.

[*Jennifer in Paradise is the name of the first picture ever to be photoshopped. Taken by John Knoll, co-creator – along with his brother Thomas – of the now ubiquitous software, it depicts his girlfriend on a tropical beach. The image was digitized by Kodak in 1987 and supplied with early versions of the program. Though initially ubiquitous, it has since become harder to track down. For the online component of this exhibition Dullaart is redistributing a version that contains a steganographically encrypted payload.]