Kite & Laslett: Lichtspiel
Import Projects, Berlin, 6 February - 10 March, 2013
Lichtspiel, the title of the exhibition, signifies the concurrent medium in the installations on show. Light plays both a conceptual and active role in the practice of Kite & Laslett: it is a means by which to exlore the immaterial through our interaction and phenomenological experience of architectural space.

In the duo's first solo show in Germany, their characteristic site-specific interventions in non-dedicated art spaces are narrated in a gallery environment. The artists present three installations; Candescence, Orbit and Reflex, each inhabiting one of the three exhibition rooms. The pieces are decontextualised, presented as objects, yet they actively engage the viewer and revise our perception of the interior realm.

In addition to the installations, Kite & Laslett present films of their works to-date and the photographic series EXP: Spiller's Millennium Mills, their first experiments with light and space.

Kite & Laslett are a young creative practice of installation artists based in London. The duo; Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett, trained in architecture, sound and music, specialise in producing architectural interventions in the form of interactive installations. Their cross-disciplinary projects fuse sound, light, film, performance and sculptural elements to construct immersive experiential environments that challenge human perceptions of space.