Alexander Ponomarev: Macroscopia
Barbarian Art Gallery, Zurich, 25 November 2010 - 14 January, 2011
Alexander Ponomarev is an artist and a sailor. In 1979 he graduated from the USSR Nautical Engineering College. His subsequent career as a seaman left an indelible mark on his artistic output, dominated by epic aquatic installations, none more spectacular than Maya: A Lost Island (2002) where, with the help of the Russian Fleet and an army of smoke canisters, Ponomarev provoked the disappearance of an island in the Barents Sea.

At last year's Venice Biennale, Alexander Ponomarev surprised the visitors with the emergence of his colorful, almost psychedelic submarine in the Grand Canal near Palazzo Grassi (the Museum of Fran├žois Pinault).

The centerpiece of Macroscopia is a poetic installation of two floating sailors looking out at the world through the tree trunks. Ambiguously entitled Point of View, the installation was a part the project "Club 21 - Remaking the Scene" held this October during London Art Fair Frieze.

Alexander Ponomarev: Macroscopia essay