Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Import Projects, Berlin, 6 September - 19 October, 2012
Art 404, Harm van den Dorpel, Elodie Pong, Nicolas Provost, Artie Vierkant

Say Goodbye to Hollywood explores the changing face of broadcasting, intellectual property, and filmic (re) production in our networked age. Throughout, the impact of digital technologies – facilitating rapid distribution of content, the breakdown of production-consumption hierarchies, and the dismemberment of the moving-image – is in focus. The featured artworks announce the wrack of the Twentieth Century entertainment industry in the download era. In so doing, Say Goodbye to Hollywood alludes to the future of contemporary global cultural production. The exhibition features an international selection of artists working at the forefront of new media.

“Where once the experience of cinema was that of receiving an absolute, fixed icon-a definitive copy, inaccessible and precious- this is now far from the case. Cinema now becomes encapsulated, transferrable and transformable in the same vein as every thing else, a “file” to be treated with all the levity we reserve for any other file.” – Artie Vierkant