Sidekicks, Aando Fine Art
Berlin, July 2 - August, 2013
Nicholas Roberts & Hansjörg Schneider (Curated with Veit Rieber)

Sidekicks presents 6 artists in 3 exhibition rooms. In each room two artists enter into a dialogue with each other. Who is the protagonist? Who is the sidekick? Which kind of relation will provide the interaction between the artworks? And finally how will it be interpreted by the visitor of the gallery?

Nicholas Roberts' work is often site specific and project based. Colour and form, set within a spatial context draw attention to the discrepancy between the metaphoric content of a work and its physicality as an object. Hansjörg Schneider is famous for his impressive precise and clear large sized paper cutouts. With his new works the artist deforms and dilutes the rigor of the grid system into snatching spaces.

The exhibition Sidekicks, curated by Nadim Samman and Veit Rieber, allows upcoming artists to enter in a versatile realtionship with a well established position and to juxtapose confidently.