Technicolour Yawn
Import Projects, Berlin, 24 May - 25 June, 2012
Steve Bishop, Ed Fornieles, James Howard, Shana Moulton, Ryan Trecartin

Technicolour Yawn is a transatlantic take on networked self-exposure, consumer mysticism and indifference. It is also the inaugural exhibition of Import Projects – a new non-profit project space in Charlottenburg.

Technicolour Yawn sets the (multihued) tone for a group exhibition featuring some of the most exciting young artists working in the United States of America and United Kingdom today. The title links sensorial overload (associated with technologies of representation) to boredom. Beyond this well-known relationship it also highlights the themes of compulsion and distaste – as a ‘techinicolour yawn’ is a euphemistic expression for a forceful bout of projectile vomit.

An axis of excess, indifference and convulsive (self)exposure is an all-pervasive feature of our contemporary culture. In accordance with this ‘real’, the featured works invoke incessant pseudo communication and the theme of questionable revelation and bodily discipline. Within their various media, profusion of visual and aural noise is the surface rule and the possibility of an exclusive inner space or life is unsettled.

Technicolour Yawn features an extensive series of newly commissioned banners by James Howard, and a new multimedia installation by Ed Fornieles alongside a Listerine sculpture by Steve Bishop and films by Shana Moulton and Ryan Trecartin.

Technicolour Yawn essay