Technicolour Yawn
Karst Projects, Plymouth, 9 October - 4 November, 2012
Steve Bishop, Ed Fornieles, James Howard, Shana Moulton, Ryan Trecartin

Technicolour Yawn is a transatlantic take on the queasy culture of obsessive networking and self-exposure, consumer mysticism, and emotional vacuousness. This multihued group exhibition arrives in the UK to become KARST’s 3rd installment of cutting-edge art, and features some of the most exciting young artists working in the USA and UK today. The title links sensory overload - attributed to visual technologies - to boredom. Beyond this notable relationship are highlighted the themes of compulsion and distaste: a ‘technicolour yawn’ is a euphemism for a forceful bout of projectile vomit.

The nausea-inducing notion of excess, indifference and convulsive self-marketing is an all-pervasive feature of our contemporary lives. To better reflect this fact the gallery is overstuffed with images and sounds. None of the works in the show are displayed according to the logic of the ‘white cube’ – where each artwork is given its own discrete, neutral space. Instead, they are presented as a cacophony. The effect is overwhelming and disorientating, immersing the audience in a deluge of stimuli. This curatorial strategy is also inspired by the works themselves, which explore incessant modes of pseudo-communication and the theme of questionable self-revelation. With an onslaught of various media, the profusion of visual and aural ‘noise’ is the exhibition’s opening strategy, followed by the possibility for works to acquire an exclusive inner space of their own.

Technicolour Yawn essay